During the last few weeks I have tried a new “thing”, for me anyway: podcasts. I can easily say that now is part of my weekly routine. Part-information, part-fun, it has become a really easy way to get on top of news, current world issues and wider discussion points.

I admit I have been very skeptical about how I could fit podcasts in my life. My main issue was that I had to really pay attention and not just “listen” to it. Moreover, I was thinking that podcasts would, partially, replace music in my “listen to relax” time. Following a chat with a friend, though, decided to give it a go and see what happens.

Very quickly, I realized that podcasts are not a replacement of music, but a complementary source of information. If managed correctly, it would save me time from researching and finding useful and accurate articles. And would reduce my screen time as well. Win-win.

Every day I walk about 30′-60′, depending on weather and meetings away from my office. This gives me time to listen to podcasts while my mind is free to consume new information. I don’t do it every day, but I have managed a nice balance of music and podcasts. For now, anyway.

Podcasts that caught my ear

The offering of podcasts is huge. So, starting my journey into this world had to choose wisely. I, now, treat this in the same way as Netflix. Search, pick, try and, if worth it, add to my favourites. I skip episodes that don’t like or find relevant as well. And, best of all, it’s free and easy (just use your iOS/Android podcast app).

Some of the things I like are:

Wired podcast


A round up of latest news from Wired.co.uk. An hour of technology information and analysis. It’s sharp, witty and very funny at times.

The Guardian’s “Chips with everything” podcast


A quick 30′ of focussing on a current technology issue. Usually having a guest interviewed. Again, fun, witty and very informative.

Gartner Thinkcast


A, more serious and business-oriented than the previous, podcast from Gartner consultants. Really useful for understanding wider business implications of technology.

That’s it! Feel free to try and contact with podcast suggestions. If that’s what has been buzzing you.