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Thoughts about Life, Universe and (nearly) Everything

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Factfulness: Ten Reasons Why We ‘re Wrong About The World – Book Review

There are few books that could change someone’s world view. “Factfulness”, by Hans Rosling, is definitely one of them. What might, superficially, seem like a factual stats representation, ends up being a lot more. It helps understand our world better and provides a guide on how we consume, interpret and judge the storm of information, data and news we live in. Continue reading

How technology changed our everyday life (a 35 year comparison)

The transformation of our everyday life in the last few decades has been significant. Young kids are born in a world very different than we were their age. Let’s review some of these changes, mainly those that were triggered by technology. Continue reading

Don’t turn your hobby into your job*

*unless you ‘re dead serious about it.

The idea of one turning their hobby in a business is not necessarily a good one. Success is far from guaranteed. Furthermore, it might ruin your hobby for ever. But it’s not all bad news. Continue reading

Why F1 has failed me

Following the Formula 1 championship for more than half of my life, during the last few years, I have gradually lost my interest. Once a great passion, F1 has given away to other interests. How come? Continue reading

Podcasts are all the buzz

During the last few weeks I have tried a new “thing”, for me anyway: podcasts. I can easily say that now is part of my weekly routine. Part-information, part-fun, it has become a really easy way to get on top of news, current world issues and wider discussion points. Continue reading

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