*unless you ‘re dead serious about it.

The idea of one turning their hobby in a business is not necessarily a good one. Success is far from guaranteed. Furthermore, it might ruin your hobby for ever. But it’s not all bad news.

According to the Oxford English dictionary, a hobby is “An activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.”. In theory, if this activity was profitable enough, it would become one’s main job. A combination of business and pleasure. Well, it’s not that easy.

Being quite strict, turning any hobby into a business is not going to work unless there is full control of the business itself. Hence, being self-employed. To achieve that, though, it requires a lot more things to happen. Whatever the area of business, there’s always a range of accounting, marketing, sales and support tasks to do to ensure sustainability. In some cases, these tasks can take a lot more time than the actually business. Remember, that is the hobby, the “fun” bit.

In the case of being employed in a job to do your hobby, the rules are being set by someone else. So, there is a strong possibility that the vision and expectations are not shared. So, less than ideal and more like any other working relationship.

Is it impossible, then? Of course not. It just requires significant investment of time and personal effort. It demands dedication, to put mind and soul into it to make it through.

As with most things in this life, it requires clear objectives, hard work and, sometimes, a bit of luck to end up being successful.