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Reading, scanning, skimming and other art forms

A good book and a cozy place is sometimes enough to fill some people with moments of happiness. Including myself. I do, and always will, love reading. But, by living a busy professional and family life, this is not always easy to do. That’s what I thought until not long ago. But, there are ways to fit everything and have those reading moments of happiness. Continue reading

What I have learned about User Experience

User Experience, or UX as widely known, is one of the most transformative digital development disciplines. Even though I can hardly call myself a UX practitioner, exposure to UX techniques has definitely changed my approach in digital service delivery. Here’s how. Continue reading

Elephants are evolving to battle poachers

It’s fascinating how powerful and dynamic nature is. Recently, I read an article about the significant increase of tuskless elephants. This is not due to a genetic anomaly. It’s evolution unravelling before our eyes. Continue reading

GDPR: Let the browsers get cookie control!

I know. GDPR. It’s boring. I tend to view it in another way, though. GDPR is a good opportunity to raise a lot of the issues around privacy in the vast internet world. Every, well managed, website has introduced some sort of cookie consent mechanism. Putting aside the obvious benefits of putting more control in the hands of website visitors, I don’t believe this is the right approach. It has a significant impact on experience, and requires a lot of effort to manage consent holistically in a complex environment like the internet. What are the alternatives, and what role web browsers play in this? Continue reading

Why my next device will, probably, be an Apple product again

I bought my first Apple product back in 2008. It was a MacBook for business and personal use. Since then, I have been using more and more Apple devices, and I am really happy with them. This is why. Continue reading

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